dr. Alice Gavrilescu

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Over 1 Mil treatments with dental implants were realized worldwide and moreover, the 23 years of tradition and experience convinced me to recommend with confidence SKY fast & fixed™ treatment to all my patients! This treatment offered an innovative and bio-aestethic solution that can be applied within 24h. The standardized and systematic procedures make the treatment to be safe, easy and predictable. This is how errors are eliminated and the risk of complication is drastically reduced, which will always mean satisfied patients! Helped by performing digital technologies, SKY fast & fixed™ guarantee to the patient a comfortable intervention, with minimum of invasion and less time spent in the doctors’ office. Moreover, in the case of this treatment, the bone addition and sinus lifting are not needed, which allows the intervention to be realized within one session. The patient is happy to know the costs are predicted, that the planning of his time is fixed and that this dental implant treatment is functional right away.
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