The uniqueness of the SKY fast & fixed ™ system

Designed in Germany, the SKY fast & fixed ™ treatment provides excellent primary stability for the implant and enables the dentist to use a surgical protocol suitable for achieving stable implants, regardless of the patient’s bone density.  

At the same time, SKY fast & fixed uses a state of the art and high precision connection between the implant and the prosthetic part, which is called ‘’torx’’. The torx is the gold standard used in mechanical engineering and automotive industry, but for our system it supports the easier insertion of the implant, a better fixation and no damage to the internal geometry of the implant.

The whole prosthetics part engineered for SKY fast & fixed by German specialists in cooperation with dentists and patients, was developed with the aim of achieving a enhanced retention of prosthetic work.

SKY fast & fixed ™ treatment: Immediate restauration in one day

How long do I have to wait until I have my teeth? How much is it going to cost me? These are questions that are normal for someone to ask when considering a dental implant. And it is also normal for you to want a fast solution, that allows you to get back to your normal life, or a solution that comes with a transparent and predictable cost.

The major advantage of using the SKY fast & fixed™ treatment from bredent medical is that you can have, in a single day, fixed teeth with which you will be able to eat, speak and smile immediately after the operation, thus retaking your social life in a record time.

Procedures for: extraction, implantation and temporary restoration are done in a single operation during a single day.
The possibility of accurate, anticipated planning of time and cost eliminates the risk, both for the doctor and the patient, to be in unpleasant posts generated by situations where time, cost or even both would have been unknown in a magical equation. All the more, temporary restoration allows the patient and doctor to negotiate a calendar of future visits to the dental office, thus earning sufficient time to achieve permanent quality work.

SKY elegance

SKY elegance™ is an innovative treatment developed by bredent in collaboration with experienced implantologists, prosthetic specialists and dental technicians, a quick, easy and cost-effective solution.

This solution is noted by the low number of procedures needed for implementation and the short time needed for treatment. Its features make SKY elegance™ a particularly satisfactory treatment for young patients.

Among the innovative aspects of this treatment we recall the titanium base used to manufacture individual blunts with the help of the new BioHPPmaterial, a high-performance polymer. Due to the biocompatibility of these materials and their mechanical properties, this solution is clinically proven to be reliable. The SKY elegance™ blunts are individually designed, reshaped on the size and shape of the original tooth and with excellent mechanical properties. Thanks to BioHPP, the material used for SKY elegance™, the nuance of the tooth is stable, and the surfaces are fine and the accumulation of the plate is minimal.

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