Our Story


At first, it’s you.

The story of any medical success begins with people. We are in the medical business for people and we bring together all our knowledge and resources for them to be able to fully enjoy a quality life. And this pledge goes beyond dental services, it is the very basis of every medical speciality.

When we build our dental products and solutions, we picture a middle aged lady who can give a big smile to her grandchildren without the fear that they will laugh at her missing front teeth. Or we picture someone else, a foody person enjoying  some crunchy dishes or a rare cooked steak, without the fear of being in pain. Or we picture a teacher who does not have to be ashamed of opening his mouth to talk to his students. And like them, we have millions, millions of people who should enjoy life without fearing the effects of losing their teeth. 

Medicine and dentistry are made for people like this and we cooperate with doctors around the world to deliver them the products and technology that enables them to continue improving the service on their end.


The patient is at the very core of our business. Together with our partner clinics and dentists we aim to offer customized treatment concepts and high quality products that would contribute to rebuilding a good oral health for the long term and thus improving the quality of life and health. At the same time, we are attentive to our customers, their requirements and feedback, which allows us to continuously develop our high quality and cost-effective products.

Our business is guided by a series of principles that apply to both the doctors that we work with and the patients.


 We truly believe that our work, solutions and treatments impact patient lives and we strive to keep up the good work and results, while remaining highly efficient. 

We believe that research and education are a key factor in our work, therefore we invest both in our own education and in creating relevant training courses for our doctors to keep up wit the latest technologies and therapy concepts.


Team Spirit

We are straightforward, open and correct in working with our partners, as only together we can improve patients ‘ lives. We live by the same goal, and this creates trust.


Our expertise, flexibility and openness to the world allow us to quickly find and create optimal solutions.

We are open for next, flexible and live by a “can do’’ attitude that enables us to quickly find and create optimal solutions for partners and users of our products.

About bredent

bredent Medical GmbH & Co.KG

For almost 50 years, bredent group has been delivering optimally matched individual products, system solutions and therapeutic concepts ‘’Made in Germany’’ for people with dental issues to be able to fully taste and enjoy a normal life. 

The story of bredent starts in Germany, as a family run business, whose commitment to quality and developing products based on patients and doctors feedback remains strong until these days. 

In April 2006, the development sectors of dental products, including those of implantology products, tools and consumables, were combined into a new company- bredent medical GmbH & Co.KG

The group products are currently available in over 80 markets worldwide.

Bredent Group at IDS Koln, the largest industry profile event


Peter Brehm, CEO bredent group, receives the 'Trusted quality' Certificate of the CleanImplant Foundation from the head of Project Dr. Ing. Dirk Duddeck

CleanImplant Foundation, an independent certification body established in 2016, regularly initiates objective analysis of the production quality of dental implants, by using accredited laboratories according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, based on a defined protocol. Research to determine the consequences and clinical relevance of avoidable contamination and quality deficiencies in dental implants, are promoted and commissioned in collaboration with renowned universities.

bredent’s BLUESKY™ implant was awarded with the Trusted Quality Mark in 2017, according to the decision made by a scientific advisory council that included renowned scientists such as Prof. Tomas Albrektsson, Prof. Ann Wennerberg, Prof. Florian Beuer, Prof. Hugo de Bruyn.

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