Our Story


At first you are.

We believe that the story of any achievements and medical enterprises starts with people. We do medicine for people; For them to enjoy life. That goes for any medical specialty. For example, we do dentistry so that Mrs. Ileana can smile broadly when she sees her grandchildren. Or for Mr. Alexander to eat Christmas rind that he likes so much. So that Mr. Marius does not feel ashamed because of his teeth when he has to open his mouth: so many things he has to say to his students. These are just some examples: we’re making medicine for concrete people to enjoy life. Medicine cannot be conceived in the absence of man: This is the center of the medical universe. For people there is the lady or the Doctor, and the technology that evolves all for humans, and continues to improve the quality of medical services.


We place our patient in the center of our concerns, being aware that in partnership with implantologist, prosthetician, dental technician and quality products that combine simbiotic within the concepts of treatment, we will contribute to increasing the quality of life through:


We believe steadfastly in the benefits of our work for people and we strive continuously to become more efficient. Thus, we always aim to raise the level of our knowledge through trainings and training courses on products and new concepts of therapy.

Team Spirit

We are open and correct in working with our partners, being convinced that together we can change patients ‘ lives better. We have the same goal, and this creates confidence.


Our expertise, flexibility and openness to the world allow us to quickly find and create optimal solutions.

It is our mission to test these values and do it day by day.
We take them through the seriousness with which we treat all of our partners.
We are also probing them with the best solutions we have for the problems of our collaborators.
We demonstrate them, above all, through the satisfaction of our partners and users of our products.

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