Dr. Palade Andrei

With the SKY fast & fixed™ treatment by bredent Romania, we have the possibility to offer to our patients a fixed and immediate dental restoration using the existing bone for inserting a small number of implants. This way, we avoid a series of complex surgery actions, diminishing the treatment timeline. SKY fast & fixed is well supported by clinical studies.

dr. Alice Gavrilescu

Over 1 Mil treatments with dental implants were realized worldwide and moreover, the 23 years of tradition and experience convinced me to recommend with confidence SKY fast & fixed™ treatment to all my patients! This treatment offered an innovative and bio-aestethic solution that can be applied within 24h. The standardized and systematic procedures make the treatment to be safe, easy and predictable. This is how errors are eliminated and the risk of complication is drastically reduced, which will always mean satisfied patients! Helped by performing digital technologies, SKY fast & fixed™ guarantee to the patient a comfortable intervention, with minimum of invasion and less time spent in the doctors’ office. Moreover, in the case of this treatment, the bone addition and sinus lifting are not needed, which allows the intervention to be realized within one session. The patient is happy to know the costs are predicted, that the planning of his time is fixed and that this dental implant treatment is functional right away.

Dr. Ionuț Leahu

SKY fast & fixed™ is a technique addressed to patients who have lost all their teeth or have unrecoverable teeth. What is completely revolutionary about this technique is that in a single surgery we do the extraction, repair the bone, put the implants and take the impressions so that the patient receives fixed provisional work within 24 hours, with which he can smile, eat and have a normal life.

Dr. Burzin Khan

The SKY fast & fixed™ treatment is an implant for patients with difficulty teeth or dentures, as it provides an immediate replacement of teeth with a beautiful smile in one session.

This immediate fixed restoration allows patients to eat and operate normally, thereby improving the quality of life.

The use of high length implants removes any bone addition procedures even under bone-deficient conditions and ensures a very high success rate for the longevity of these restorations.

The SKY fast & fixed™ treatment therapy is the key to a life-changing experience for happy and smiling patients.

Dr. Anamaria Achim-Lambrache

The SKY fast & fixed™ system is the optimum treatment solution for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. This treatment ensures greater comfort to patients, reducing treatment time to less than 8 hours!

The intervention involves the extraction of unrecoverable teeth, the insertion of dental implants and the completion of the provisional work on the same day. Immediately remaking physiognomy, mastication and phonation, the SKY fast & fixed™ treatment provides the patient with the opportunity to resume activities as soon as possible.

Dr. Istvan Tamas Fehervary

The satisfaction of my patients has always been a priority and that is why I chose SKY fast & fixed™. This system gives me the opportunity to be quick, precise, and I can give them fixed teeth in a very short time without pain.

Dr. Sebastian Fătu

I chose SKY fast & fixed™ because I want the best for my patients and I am proud to be able to offer them with the help of this safety treatment to smile again.

What does it mean to run out of teeth? You can’t eat well, you can’t smile, you can’t pronounce the words correctly… In other words, an ordeal! The SKY fast & fixed™ system allows me in an extremely short time to fix these problems and give my patient fixed teeth.

Dr. Hristoforov Nicolai

The conception is oriented towards total edentulous patients or candidates to total edentation. It is the best solution for patients who have a phobia of mobile prosthesis and, on the other hand, massive and multiple surgeries. SKY fast & fixed™ is a treatment aimed at activating the maximum local bone tissue, protecting the critical anatomic areas and the possibility of immediate fixed prosthesis. As significant benefits of the SKY fast & fixed™ treatment system I would also note the limited number of visits to the doctor, the duration of treatment, the minimum amount of surgical interventions, the exclusion of osteo-plastic interventions and the exclusion of movable prostheses, as well as a predictable immediate and time-resistant result.

Dr. Tudor Cristian Coroș

The SKY fast & fixed™ treatment system is useful for patients who have no teeth or have a few mobile teeth and need to be extracted.
If you are in such a situation, the SKY fast & fixed™ treatment is the best treatment currently in existence because the surgical procedure is carried out in a single day, as well as the fixation of a provisional dental prosthetic work designed to restore the aesthetic and mastic balance on the spot. The same day you were leaving with teeth from the clinic.

Dr. Mihăiţă Secu

With the help of the SKY fast & fixed™ system I was able to restore my patient’s smile immediately. The ideal candidate for the SKY fast & fixed™ system is both the patient wearing a mobile prosthesis and the one with unrecoverable remaining teeth. A single intervention whereby we remove the unrecoverable teeth, place the implants and make the provisional work, thereby minimising the pain and the waiting time. Smile in less than 24 hours with the help of a premium class German system!

Dr. Dan Acatrinei

SKY fast and fixed™ restores the patient’s social life and self-confidence in just 24 hours, in other words, they receive fixed provisional work immediately postoperatively and in a few days it is fully recovered, remaining to maintain the diet and proper hygiene.
SKY fast and fixed™ eliminates long periods in which the patient is edentulous (without teeth) waiting for osseointegration implants (3 months) or the term for bone healing (4-8 months).
SKY fast and fixed™ gives the patient the transition from old work and compromised teeth to a fixed provisional work, making the mobile prosthetics become a thing of the past!

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Bucur

A complex dental treatment in one intervention! A complex dental treatment in one intervention! Sky fast & fixed™ is an implanto-prosthetic technique that allows the removable temporary prosthesis of the patient’s entire or partial edentation within 24 hours of inserting the dental implants.

Dr. Alexei Cojocaru

Whenever I discuss with patients about the rehabilitation of missing teeth, the following questions arise:

What can be done?
What do you recommend?
How tough are they over time?
How long does it take to be done?
The answer to these questions is the SKY Fast and Fixed™ treatment, characterized by:

Worldwide Quality
Surgical and prosthetic versatility
Long-lasting stability

Dr. Nicolae Iuga

3 Important reasons why I recommend to patients total rehabilitation on implantar support, through SKY fast & fixed™technology:

1. We can mount fixed provisional teeth in just 24 hours!
2. Intervention is minimally invasive because we can avoid additions of bone!
3. Use the “one abutment, one time” concept by which we protect the tissues around the implant!

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu

SKY fast & fixed™ by Bredent is a dental treatment that has as main purpose the realization of implanted prosthetic restorations, with immediate loading, in various clinical situations. For the patient, the basic idea is that he will be able to receive, in a range between 30 minutes and a maximum of 48 hours, a fixed restoration on implants, depending on the preparation of the case, the cabinet’s endowment and the local conditions of the patient.
The concept is not applicable in all cases, depending by a sufficient bone supply to insert the implants and get a stability to wear the restoration immediately. The implants and prosthetic components from bredent have been thought out and improved for this type of treatment.

Dr. Irina Trosca

SKY fast & fixed™ by bredent is a modern concept of restoration of the lost teeth with the help of dental implants.

At Dental Hospital Romania, the intervention is performed in only 8 hours so that patients can leave on the same day with fixed teeth and a perfect smile.

Dr. Raluca Roşca

As a specialist maxillo-facial surgeon, I use the SKY fast and fixed™ system from 2011, with very good results. Due to this treatment, we managed to provide patients with a fixed post implantar prosthetic restoration, both in standard cases, with sufficient bone mass and in cases with bone resorptions requiring bone augmentation, before or during the same session with the insertion of implants.

Dr Florica Laurentiu Iulian

SKY Fast & Fixed™ is a concept of treatment that implies: extraction of unrecoverable teeth, insertion of implants and prosthesis with a fixed restoration, in the same session. This way patients have fixed teeth from the first treatment session.
Good stability in time, the use of a reduced number of implants and the possibility of achieving aesthetic restorations is the ideal treatment solution for patients with complex affections, regardless of age.

Dr. Dimo Petrovski

The SKY fast & fixed™ concept of implants and immediate prosthetics, developed by bredent, represents a true gain for the patients who have lost all their teeth or are to remain without any teeth, following the advanced condition of the periodontal afflictions or loss of dental substance, in which case the usual treatment methods are ineffective.

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