Dr. Anamaria Achim-Lambrache

The SKY fast & fixed system™ is the optimal treatment solution for patients who are completely edentulous or who have lost most of their teeth. This treatment ensures increased patient comfort, reducing the duration of treatment to less than 8 hours!

The intervention involves the extraction of unrecoverable teeth, the insertion of dental implants and the development of temporary work on the same day. Refăcând imediat fizionomia, masticația si fonația, tratamentul Sky fast & fixed™ oferă pacientului posibilitatea de a-și relua activitățile în cel mai scurt timp.

Dr. Vacaru Marius

For me, SKY fast & fixed™ represents the total professional satisfaction in my activity of 14 years as an implantologist. I do not think that there is a more pleasant moment than when in a minimum interval of time the situation of the respective patient changes completely from edentulous to a functionally and aestheticaly toothed patient. This technique gives the patient the best emotional status with rapid integration into society and human relationships, in short: “trust and happiness”.

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