Respect the competence of the specialist

Today, most edentulous patients, both existing and potential, can be treated through immediate restauration, in 1 day, which is a huge benefit for any patient.

However, it is important not to forget that it is always your doctor who must decide on the opportunity to appeal to this solution. It is essential that you respect its competence and trust it.

So even if you want your teeth immediately charged on the implants you think you need, the decision to have it immediately or not, you will take it with your doctor. The doctor to whom you are addressing is prepared along a process that lasts for years and the experience he has will bring you in the situation of taking the best decision.

Not all patients with missing teeth on the arch could have a real benefit from the immediate loading of implants. The clinical situations that the doctor best appreciate shows us that in most cases immediate loading is a benefit. The exclusion of the case from immediate loading is rather a caution imposed by the specifics of the case. Only the doctor can assess the characteristics of each case competently, so that when he decides it is more prudent to postpone the load, it is good to follow his advice with confidence.

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