Trust your implantologist and his competence

Today, most of the patients missing one or even all their teeth can regain their smile and lifestyle back with the help of immediate restoration and a simple 1 day implant treatment.

However, it is important not to forget that it is always your dentist who would guide you through the best solution and plan for you. Therefore it is very important that you ask and trust his/her advice and competence in the matter.

Even if you want or believe that you should follow an immediate loading treatment plan for your new teeth, your doctor will make the best decision for your particular case. The doctors that work with our products are trained constantly and for years in order to best plan the cases for long term results and they will use their expertise to produce the best results for each patient.

Immediate loading may not be suitable for all patients. However, based on the clinical research it is demonstrated that the treatment is beneficial for most of the cases. In the cases where doctors recommend other strategies, for sure they take into consideration other information about the specific case or patient’s situation. Irrespective if your case is suitable for immediate loading or not, it is crucial that you communicate with your dentist very openly and that you trust his best decision and advice for you.

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